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Brevard Music Center

Organization Description
Keith Lockhart - summer institute and festival - 80 concerts - orchestra, opera, chamber music and more
Art Philosophy / Who we are
The Brevard Music Center, a summer institute and festival, teaches gifted young musicians to prepare and perform great musical works at a high artistic level.

Since its beginning, the objective of the Brevard Music Center has been to provide music education of high quality. Early literature stated the Center's aims quite succinctly: "A Vacation with a Purpose: to develop the abilities and broaden the horizons of young musicians, to promote fellowship among participants, and to enrich our musical culture." Today's mission continues in this vein.

Brevard Music Center's program goes beyond lessons and rehearsals; students perform many different programs for a paying audience, expanding their confidence as well as their resumés. The Brevard Music Center's multiple orchestras, symphonic band, piano, composition, and chamber music programs offer varied performance opportunities. A 6:1 student to faculty ratio provides a nurturing environment within the extensive performance season. Brevard students will go on to be leading performers and teachers; they are quite simply, a part of the future of music in America.

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Penny Mann
Phone: 828-862-2100
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Jul 03, 2008
May 28, 2012

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