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Atali Crafts

Business Description
Handcrafted art geared for children (of all ages!) used for play, decor, or crafting themselves, emphasizing nature in each piece.
Art Philosophy / Who we are
The cool mountain breeze brushing gently at the fair hairs on your skin,
breath deep - not only smell, but taste the broad basswood leaves decomposing into earth,
as the sounds of the crystal clean waters of the brook babble down the mountainside.
This, is my inspiration - Atali Crafts by Tab Healing Crow brings a humble slice of peace to you + those special spirits that cross your path on this lifelong journey to Enlightenment.

Drawing from Nature's Canvas, Atali Crafts by Tab Healing Crow designs pieces for your home that will bring peace, love, & joy for many moons to come. Tab grew up in a small town in Western North Carolina, spending her days running through the dense mountain laurel forests, digging for crystals, & following the streams up the mountain to their Source. This drive for Enlightenment & origin brought her to her path as Healing Crow - sharing love, light, healing, & enrichment for all ages through the arts.

May the Great Spirit bless you as you look upon the artistic treasures of an ancient soul...

Business Classification
Fine Arts and Crafts

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Contact Information
Tab Healing Crow
Phone: 8288626622
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Nov 18, 2012
Nov 18, 2012

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